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Product Detail
Dust online monitoring扬尘在线监测

Dust online monitoring扬尘在线监测



    Dust online monitoring system, mainly used in the construction of dust/sand field/coal yard/orange burning and other unorganized soot pollution sources and online real-time automatic of ambient air quality in residential areas/commercial areas/road traffic/construction areas Monitoring, and can capture and collect evidence through the camera, the data can be transmitted to the data platform in time through the wired or wireless network for easy control.yc-2.jpg

The system consists of a monitoring substation and a data platform. The monitoring substation integrates atmospheric particulate matter concentration monitoring, temperature and humidity and wind speed and wind direction monitoring, noise monitoring (optional), video surveillance and pollutant over-target video capture (optional), and toxic and harmful gas monitoring (optional) and other functions; The data platform is a networked platform of the Internet architecture. It has various functions such as monitoring functions for each substation and alarm processing, recording, query, statistics, and report output.

   The system can also be linked to various pollution control devices for automatic control purposes.


1. It can carry out 24 hours 365 days full-time continuous online monitoring or regular monitoring;

2, GPRS, RS485 communication optional

3. Expansion of meteorological parameters: extended access to meteorological signals such as temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, etc., to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the environment;

4, all carbon steel paint package chassis: all aluminum alloy shell package, sturdy, dustproof, rust-proof, moisture-proof, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environments, protection grade IP65;

5, can guarantee the relative humidity of 10% -90%, the ambient temperature of -40 ° C -70 ° C of normal work;

6, connect 220V mains, if the user uses the uninterruptible power supply standby time depending on the battery capacity;

7, can directly access data with the environmental protection bureau, construction committee, urban management bureau and other regulatory platforms

8, all wiring using aviation joints, fool-type installation, simple and convenient

  Monitoring equipment and data platform, mobile APP constitutes a dust noise monitoring system. The terminal integrates atmospheric particulate matter concentration monitoring, temperature and humidity and wind speed and wind direction monitoring, noise monitoring, and pollutants over-target video capture; the data platform is a networked platform of Internet architecture, and the data obtained by the terminal can be transmitted to the data platform in time through wired or wireless networks. Easy to control, the platform also has a variety of functions such as alarm processing, logging, query, statistics, and report output.

Application range

The standard dust detection equipment for construction sites is mainly applicable to digital urban management, smart cities, construction sites, garbage dumps, demolition sites, terminals, industrial parks, communities, and road dust monitoring and monitoring centers.


Equipment technical parameters:

1, noise range: 25 ~ 130dB (A), frequency range: 20Hz ~ 12.5kHz

2. Dust monitoring: PM2.5, PM10, TSP can be monitored at the same time.

                     Range: 0-0-400000μg/m3, sensitivity: 0.001mg/m3.

3. Output interface: RS232, RS485, GPRS communication optional

3. Power supply: 220V mains.

4, size: length, width, height 55*56*26cm

5, working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C; relative humidity: 10% ~ 90%; air pressure: 65KPa ~ 108KPa.

6. Sampling time: The standard time is 10 minutes, with 0.1 points and manual file (the sampling time can be set arbitrarily).

7, can be pole-mounted, or wall-mounted installation

8, the screen and the host integration, plug-in can be used

9, our company can be equipped with the original LED screen control card, convenient to interface with the field LED screen data