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-Company Profile-     Shengwen Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is located in Yantai, Shandong Province, a beautiful coastal port city. It is a professional online monitoring service provider for pollution sources: online sewage monitoring, online monitoring of smoke and dust, online monitoring of VOCs, on-line monitoring of dust, on-line monitoring of oil and gas, and comprehensive treatment of waste gas. , urban oil fume online monitoring, river and lake water quality online monitoring, enterprise rain vent online monitoring, online monitoring platform construction, monitoring system installation and operation and maintenance, hazardous waste treatment and transportation online monitoring and monitoring platform; set research and development, design, production, installation High-tech company with operation and maintenance. Have a professional software development team, 15 years of online equipment installation experience, powerful and timely operation and maintenance engineering and technical team.     The self-developed environmental protection online monitoring patent product "Online Monitoring Platform" has been highly valued, promoted and praised by relevant departments. ISO9001 certification, the governing unit of Shandong Environmental Protection Industry Association, the standing director unit of Shandong Energy Conservation Association, and the Shandong Provincial Safety Technology Prevention Engineering Design and Construction Certification Unit.        Adhering to the attitude of being responsible to customers, responsible to partners, and responsible to the society, we follow the concept of “pay, innovation, tolerance and win-win”, comprehensively promote technological innovation and cultural innovation, and strive to become a first-class pollution source online monitoring integrator and overall solution. Solution provider!     Be a conscience enterprise, a century-old brand!     Leave a blue sky and blue sky for our children and grandchildren!
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The technical principle of the on-line monitoring project of wastewater quality is mainly in the bottom field, the required data are collected and transmitted to the upper computer platform through the network transmission channel, and the requirements of on-line monitoring, transmission, storage and management of environmental data of water quality are realized.

Primary Information Acquisition: Accurate real-time acquisition of standard analog and switching signals at the grass-roots level using well-known, reliable brand products.

Network transmission: The rapid development of mobile communication services provides us with a wide-area wireless IP connection to achieve wireless data transmission of environmental protection information.

* Platform construction: PC adopts industrial control computer and independently develops monitoring software to facilitate the reception of information, information display, information statistics, information printing, etc.


* monitoring housing design is unified and standardized to facilitate management and maintenance.

* burglar, anti human power failure, anti human modification and anti cheating functions.

* the interface is popular, easy to understand and easy to operate, and all work has animation demonstration function.

* online sampling and intelligent sampling, double insurance, eliminate disputes caused by non recognition afterwards.

* no discharge alarm, automatic / remote shut off drain valve (stop drain pump) function.